Philza’s Journey to Becoming a Minecraft Legend

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games of all time, with millions of players around the world. And within the Minecraft community, there are certain players who have become legendary for their skills, creativity, and contributions to the game. One such player is Philza, who has built a reputation as one of the […]

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Top 3 Must-have Anime Hoodies For Winter Days

1. Spy x Family Hoodies – Spy X Family gangster style Pullover Hoodie. Top 3 Must-have Anime Hoodies For Winter Days Spy x Family is an anime series that follows the lives of a family who are spies. They work for the government and use their skills to protect the nation from terrorists and other […]

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Top 5 Fear Of God Essentials Items For Decoration

1. Essentials Pillows – Essentials Fear of God, Essential Fog, Essentials Los Angeles Throw Pillow. This Essentials Pillow is a good option if you want a pillow that is both comfortable and useful as a travel companion. This pillow is produced from premium materials and is shaped to fit your head. It is also simple […]

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Minecraft Streamer Ph1LzA: Everything Players Need To Know About Him

Phillip “Phil” Watson is one of the oldest Minecraft content creators. He streams on Twitch and uploads the stream highlights to his YouTube channel where is about to reach three million subscribers. On Twitch, Phil mainly streams Minecraft hardcore and occasionally during events such as the Minecraft championship. March 1, 1998, is the day on which Philza was born, and […]

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Top 5 Best Minecraft Videos By Philza

Phillip “Phil” Watson, also known as Ph1LzA, is a Minecraft Youtuber who joined YouTube in mid 2006. His YouTube channel primarily focuses on edited highlights from his Twitch Streams. He’s based in the UK, and is best known for the feat of playing a single continuous Minecraft game on Hardcore mode for 5 years. Below are […]

This Is Why Phil Waston Lost His 5-year Winning Streak

Minecraft’s hardcore mode works just as you’d expect it to from other games. When you die, that’s it – no retries, respawns, or reloads.  Streamer Philza holds the world record for the longest run in Minecraft hardcore, but that run came to a fiery but disappointing end five years after it began. So how did […]

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