Minecraft Streamer Ph1LzA: Everything Players Need To Know About Him

Phillip “Phil” Watson is one of the oldest Minecraft content creators. He streams on Twitch and uploads the stream highlights to his YouTube channel where is about to reach three million subscribers. On Twitch, Phil mainly streams Minecraft hardcore and occasionally during events such as the Minecraft championship.

March 1, 1998, is the day on which Philza was born, and he is currently thirty-three years old. Before making Minecraft videos, Phil used to upload Halo and GTA IV videos on his Youtube. Along with Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, and Tommyinnit, Phil is part of Sleepyboisinc, and he was the one who coined the name Sleepyboisinc.

Hardcore history

Phil enjoys playing Minecraft hardcore and has become quite famous for one of his hardcore series in which he survived for five years. However, many fans are unaware that he has made not just one but several hardcore series.

Phil’s first-ever hardcore video was uploaded to his channel on February 8, 2012. He wrote “1minutevideo” as the seed while creating the world because he thought that was how long the video would last. He dies to a skeleton at the end of the video.

Series 1

The first episode of Minecraft hardcore series 1 came out right after his first hardcore video on February 14, 2012. This series has one hundred and eighteen episodes and lasted more than a year. He didn’t die in that world, but sadly his hard drive crashed.

Series 2

Series 2 is the most famous hardcore series of Philza, which he started on April 1, 2014. Phil used “idgaf lfg series 2 yo” followed by many exclamation marks as his world seed which spawned him on a savanna island.

This was his most extended Minecraft hardcore series where he built many remarkable things, such as the chaos caverns and sky city. Philza took his sweet time uploading his series two episodes because of which even though it lasted five years, there are only fifty-six videos in the series.

Unfortunately, Phil died to a spider after taking a lot of damage from a baby zombie with full gold armor. Later he uploaded a montage of all the things he had built in his hardcore world, and the video has reached more than thirty million views as of now. This is also his most-watched video on YouTube.

Series 3

This was the shortest hardcore series which lasted a week and a half. Phil was doing a twenty-four-hour stream during which he died due to an end dimension glitch.

The glitch causes the player to walk backward after entering the end gateway. Players do not need to worry anymore since the glitch has been patched.

Series 4

This is an ongoing series that Phil started on June 20, 2019. He has uploaded seventy-five episodes so far. Phil has not uploaded a new episode of this series since January 9, 2021.

Minecraft Championship history

The Minecraft Championship is a monthly tournament for Minecraft content creators organized by Noxcrew. Phil has taken part in all MCC tournaments except the third iteration championship because he was busy getting married.

  • MCC 1: Phil played in the Team Yellow Chickens. His team placed seventh overall, and individually, Phil was placed fifteenth.
  • MCC 2: This time, Phil played for Team Cyan Creepers. His team came close to winning but sadly came second. He was placed sixth based on his performance.
  • MCC 4: He played in Team Purple Pandas and won the championship. He was placed third based on his performance.
  • MCC 5: The team in which Phil played MCC 5 was Team Lime Llamas, which was fifth overall. Phil was in the top twenty and came in at the eighteenth position.
  • MCC 6: Phil was in Team Pink Piglets, which came fourth. Individually he was placed eleventh.
  • MCC 7: He played for Team Orange Ocelots. His team came second, and he was placed ninth individually.
  • MCC 8: Phil played for the Team Red Rabbits, who placed sixth. He came in eighth place.
  • MCC 9: He was in the Team Red Rabbit once again, and this time his team came in at fifth place. Phil was at twenty-fifth position.
  • MCC 10: He played in Team Lime Llamas, placed fifth, and Phil was placed at tenth place overall.
  • MCC 11: Phil was in Team Red Ravens in MCC 11. His team came ninth, and Phil was placed seventeenth.
  • MCC 12: He played for Team Green Guardians and won the Minecraft championship once again after a long time. Individually Phil was the runner-up of the tournament.
  • MCC 13: Cyan Candy Canes was the team for which Phil played which came sixth. Phil came in at sixth place as well.
  • MCC 14: Phil was in Team Pink Parrots, and his team came sixth. He was placed fifteenth individually.
  • MCC 15: Phil was placed twenty-second and played for the Team Green Guardians, which came sixth.
  • MCC 16 This was the most recent Minecraft Championship in which he played for team Red Rabbits. Individually he came twenty-seventh, and his team came second last.

How much did you know about Philza? Find more amazing facts about him at our blog here!



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